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About Me

I am at my happiness and most inspired when in motion. I love to travel and have been in semi-perpetual movement around the world for a number of years now. As the pandemic has shifted my ambitions slightly, it has also given me some time to relax, reflect and begin to think about more perceptive things, such as virtue and the philosophy of Stoicism. With this journey, this website, I aim to uncover what a life of virtue is.

In visiting virtue, my aim is to discover and discern appropriate areas in my life where virtue is available and able to be harnessed into good. I want to explore my world first, through these virtuous eyes, and investigate ways of living life more at peace with everything that surrounds me. In writing, I hope to transform my mind into a more perceptive and attentive tool. I will visit virtue all around me.

My future plans are to travel the world through this exacerbated sense of thoughtfulness. As I extend my understanding for virtue, for being a Stoic and for appreciating the world around me, I will aim to adventure into the arms of the world and uncover virtue in other places. My passions remain glued to travel yet as I find myself in stationary exile at the moment, what better way to pass the time than in writing, and exploring my world.