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Don’t Let the Internet Fool You

The World Wide Web is ripe with success stories. They live and die on the face of the Internet. There are frankly too many to keep track of. My medium home page is perpetually sporting a carousel of new tips, strategies and guides on how to be successful online; on how to make money. It is becoming disheartening and profusely annoying, as it cajoles my fantasies.

The fact lies deeply in the reality of the web: everything comes packaged to punch, in the form of exaggeration and hyperbole. Rankings and views assure that only the most obscene or amazing content gets traffic. Stifling competition of original content brings the most sensational stories to the front, and the Internet is replete with examples. Naturally, stories that speak of potential to earn money online – of transposing oneself into this magical world of ‘financial freedom’ – become obsessively popular everywhere. The reality is slightly bleaker than what appears at first light on the front page. But there is hope!

The proliferation of ‘success stories’ that are available to browse through on the million different devices that adorn your existence makes it conceivable that you have considered the idea before. Youtube offers a scintillating array of child prodigies – young millionaires – that have struck fame and fortune by posting videos on the server. Instagram is much the same; Facebook, Twitter, Twitch; you name it, the service has a number of people making money for seemingly little work. And a lot of fun. But that’s where we get blinded – making money online is nearly never as easy or as fast as they make it out to be.

The hard road ahead

There lies a tortuous and time-consuming road ahead of those wiling to endeavor into the world of the independent, self-made, online entrepreneur. A road etched with endless failures, with moments of gloomy forecasts and doubt that all seem aimed against you. The path to finding a source of revenue online is treacherous and often interminable. It can take hard-earned months, even years before valuable time begins converting into even a single dollar. It is not unusual to hear stories of people who have invested years into a single idea or skill before that first crisp dollar bill is cashed. The journey requires a mountain of resilience, an incessant flow of humility and energy. Determination is your only friend in the battle. Luckily, only one important factor lies in the way of success online – Time.

Why most people fail

In light of the built-in perception that making money online is easy and quick, most people give up far before they can even see faint glimmers or apparitions of their potential for success. Time is the number one factor. It represents the most essential metric of success and exemplifies why upwards of 95% of people fail. There are no shortcuts around it(save for the unfortunate few who hit the lottery early and miss out on the appreciation and the satisfaction that comes from working harder, and longer than the rest). Time will shamelessly destroy the majority of all competitors online. It presents a fitting and honorable moral: Hard work pays off. Similar to most other industries, we attribute success to time spent in the field, to experiences accrued over the long haul. The internet is no different; do not fall into the trap of believing that it is otherwise. There is however a dash of positive news. Are you ready for the good news?

The good news

By sticking to one simple metric – time – you increase your ratio of success enormously. In holding the fort for as long as it takes, grinding, learning, mastering one method of doing something online, you gain an incrementally optimal chance of developing success on the Internet – whatever that journey or desire so be. Commit to one idea and your odds skyrocket. There aren’t cryptic, esoteric codes to crack or secret recipes to uncover – most of that has already been published and shared by influencers and affiliates. Find a niche, a medium or a strategy and stick to it – longer than a week, a month or even a year. Finding success online takes time. With time comes reward.

Now stop reading articles and get moving!

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